Leviton Z wave dimmer question...with Acrich2 LED module

I am installing some fans using Leviton dimmers and fan controllers. But then I found that 2 fans have Acrich2 LED modules manufactured by Seoul Semiconductors. I did not know much about them. So I contacted them and asked them what Z wave dimmer to use. I was asked by them whether they are magnetic dimmers or electronic dimmers. I have no clue. Can anybody help me?

Leviton makes both, it depends on the model. The best thing is to get the specs on the LED and then get in touch with Leviton support and ask them what models you could use.

Thanks JD for the resposne. Unfortunately I am unable to contact Seoul Semiconductors thru web. But I have the technical data sheet which I also sent to Leviton. But that did not help.(They just said if it is Magnetic use VRMX1-1LZ or if it is electronic use VRE06-1LZ.) Unfortunately it can not be uploaded. But this is the link:
Maybe you can find something in the attachment to help me. I really appreciate your response.

It looks like the sheet you sent is the spec sheet for the parts, not for the fan. So I can’t tell what it’s using.

You need to find the docs for the actual completed devices that you’re using.

Otherwise an electrician can come out and look and tell you what class of switches would be compatible.

@Navat604 might know more.

These leds are running off 110vac or 220vac so I am not sure why Leviton provided you with that 2 options. Of course the fan manufacturer could modified it for their purpose so knowing the fan would also help.

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Thank you sir for the response.
The fan is from CASA and the SKU is 4F229. These fans come with a remote and an embedded module for remote. If I am right the remote controls the light and fan both. I am trying to control both with Leviton Z wave. For fan control I am using VRF01-1LZ. It is this LED module which is killing me. I read in the net that they use AC current directly without using a transformer etc. since I am not an electrical engineer( I am a mechanical engineer) I am really at a loss. There are videos on YouTube( like from DigiKey) but they don’t talk about dimming. I have VRMX1-1LZ and DZMX1-1LZ with me but really don’t know which to use.
Any guidance will be highly appreciated.
I also found this video on YouTube, where you see the gentleman dimming the Acrich2 with a standard dimmer.

Does it help to get a solution?

There’s not much info about this fan at all. Do they even have a website or a user manual?

Thanks Navot.
Looks like there is no website. Probably it is a Lamps Plus brand and I could not get any help from the store. But in the video that guy says he is using a standard dimmer. I was hoping that would be helpful.