Leviton wall switches for Hue

Can I use the leviton vp0sr-1lz wireless switch with smartthings to activate my hues?

This thread doesn’t mention this very affordable switch.


I don’t think that switch zwave switch. It’s to be connected to their zwave 3way compatible switches.

I’m testing out aspire cooper rf9500 that may work with the hue (I’m going hoping to accomplish the same thing using TCP or an in ceiling relay controlled by this unit).

It does list z-wave in the specifications. At ~$10 for a zwave switch I thought someone might have tried it.

Product Features
Style Name: Vizia RF +
Switch Type: Single-Pole, 3-Way or More Applications
Type: Digital / Z-Wave 900MHz
Load Rating: 15 Amp
Voltage: 120 Volt AC 60 Hz
Light: LED Locator
LED Color: Green
Protection: Radio/TV Filter
Wallplate: Order Separately
Warranty: 5-Year Limited
Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
Color: White Ivory Light Almond
Color Change Kit: VPKIT-MS
Available Color Kits: Ivry-I Wht-W Almnd-A Gry-G Blk-E Brwn-B LA-T
Notes: Use VRCS1-1L, VP0SR-10 or VP0SR-1L for 3-way applications


VRS15-1LZ is the zwave controller switch with the neutral though. VP0SR-1L is the 3 way remote companion switch, I don’t think the companion switch has an actual zwave chip in it.


Exactly what @nomisr said… that’s a companion switch for a three-way (or more) setup. It doesn’t do anything by itself.

Got it thanks. Shame really.