Vizia RF + Smarthings

I wanted to use the Vizia RF for a primary lighting solution (switches + controllers) but also wanted to integrate the switches to ST to do a whole house off or vacation mode.

is it possible to leverage Vizia RF and Z-wave on these devices at the same time?
main goal here is wall switches that can control scenes/zones, quick response to button presses, works if internet is down.

There seems to be a bit of confusion: Leviton Vizia+ RF is Z wave. ( that’s what the RF stands for– – radio frequency, in this case a Z wave radio.) These are certified Z wave devices and can work with any certified Z wave controller, including SmartThings.

“Vizia+” is a term that Leviton trademarked for its switches with internal digital controls. Then RF adds Z wave to that.

If you use the switches with SmartThings, you do not need to buy a Leviton Z wave controller for them.

Here is the official “works with smartThings” List of Leviton models which have been tested for official compatibility with SmartThings. You will see this is a mix of both the Vizia + RF devices ( all those with the model number starting with VR) and the less expensive Leviton DZ zwave line.

So it’s a little difficult to answer your question as it is phrased. What specific advantages did you expect to get from the Leviton brand controller that you wouldn’t get from just using SmartThings as the primary controller?

There are various possible set ups, but it depends on your goals for the installation.

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