Leviton Switch LED Indicator Status - Odd Behavior

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced an issue with Leviton Z-wave switch LED indicators. I have a Leviton switch paired in a 3-way configuration with an auxiliary switch. Both briefly illuminate when the light is turned off, but then the LED turns off after about 2 seconds. They do this regardless of what I change the LED status setting to – Lit When On, Lit When Off, or Never Lit.

(Generally, I like the Levitons, except that changing the condition of the LED indicator in the app or the IDE has no effect. The LED always seems to illuminate when the lights are off, even if you change the LED status setting to “never” illuminate.)

It’s weird, because this pair is behaving differently from another pair, immediately next to it, which functions normally – that is, the indicator is illuminated with the light is off (regardless of what the indicator status setting is). Has anyone else encountered this?