Leviton DZR-15 smart outlet, z-wave repeater?

I’ve tried calling Leviton with no success. Is this device a z-wave repeater?

I looked at these last week at Home Depot. I was curious so visited a few sites. This may answer your question.

I called them and they say they don’t know. The Leviton technical data and FAQs don’t say. I have (3) of these deployed and they work well. I have a couple outside controlling holiday lights and it shows up an unavailable in the ST dashboard, yet I can still turn it on/off via the ST app.

Any certified Z wave device should have a conformance statement filed at the official zwave alliance site. In this case:

That particular model is a “routing slave.“ A mains powered routing slave is a repeater. ( that’s what “routing“ means in this context.)

The Routing Slave can host a number of routes for reaching other nodes. Such routes are called “Return Routes”1. The Routing Slave can either be A/C powered or battery powered. If the Routing Slave is mains powered it is used as a repeater in the Z-Wave network. The Routing Slave functionality is used for devices that need to report unsolicited status or alarms.

You can always check technical details at the zwave alliance official site. :sunglasses:



Almost all mains powered Z wave devices are repeaters. Exceptions are normally safety system devices like smoke sensors where you don’t want them to delay their primary function because they’re busy passing along a message for some other device on the network.