Z Wave repeaters


If I buy any 240 volt plug in Z Wave device, will it act as a repeater?
I have a shed that I want to put a battery powered motion sensor in as a security device. If I put a powered device in between that and the hub would it extend the range?


Most will, smoke sensors and other emergency devices may not as they don’t want to delay a smoke detected alarm because they’re busy repeating for a light switch somewhere.

And yes to the second question as long as the battery powered device is also zwave, just run a zwave repair utility after you install the mains powered device to refresh your network.

See the FAQ in the community-created wiki. :sunglasses:


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When I am buying one how do I know if it will act as a repeater?
Is there something I need to look for in particular?

You can check the conformance statement at the official zwave alliance site (repeaters are also called “routing slaves”).


But usually the manufacturer will call it out in the product description.

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