Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ vs GE/Jasco 14299 dimmer?

I would like to install multiple Z-wave dimmer in 3-way setup for a magnetic low voltage system and would like to use 1000W dimmers. Based on my search there appears to only be two 1000W Z-Wave plus options. The Leviton DZ1KD-1BZ with matching remote DD0SR-DLZ and the GE/Jasco dimmer 14299 with matching remote 12723. Can you please advise on your recommendations on which to choose?

Based on research, the primary differences are:

  • GE/Jasco is a little cheaper
  • The GE may be easier to wire because it require one less traveller wire between remote and main dimmer because the remote does not require a “hot” connection. The GE remote require only ground, common/neutral and traveler/signal. The Leviton requires addition hot connection on remote.
  • The Leviton has a separate skinny dimmer toggle button. On the GE you need to press and hold the single button to change the dimming level. I don’t know if the separate dimming button on the Leviton makes the main switch more/less responsive because it does not need to wait to figure out if you are going to hold down the main paddle.
  • Conversely the GE dimmer looks cleaner without the separate dimmer button.
  • The Leviton has array of LEDs on the switch probably to show dimming level.

I have not physically tried these dimmers. So looking for feedback even if they are personal preferences if you have experience with both dimmers.


Bump. Wondering if anyone has input on this?