Leviton Decora Dimmer 3-way install - so close

Finally got around to installing a Decora Homekit dimmer and machine remote dimmer this weekend. After jumping through a few hoops (including setting up a separate 2.4GHz network for it to connect to), I got them working…almost. The problem is that when I try to turn the lights off, they won’t. They do momentarily, but then immediately pop back on. I’m assuming that this is something I’ve screwed up wiring wise. Probably on the remote. The diagram for it showed both the 1st traveler and load on the same terminal, which seemed weird to me, but I don’t know where the traveler would go if it weren’t wired this way.

Here’s a photo of both of them (remote first):

Any idea if it’s the wiring on the remote and if so, what would the correct wiring be?



The Leviton HomeKit models are not compatible with SmartThings, so your best bet would be to talk to Leviton support.