Leviton 73A00-3ZB

I have been able to connect my Leviton 73A00-3ZB Load Control Module to my ST Hub with the help of FalcoGeorge who wrote the device driver. This LCM enables me to turn my electric Hot Water Heater on and off. I engaged a SmartApp to do that on a schedule. I replaced a digital GE Time Switch (15132) with this LCM so I could control the power remotely. If I were to do this again, I am not sure I would because this exercise cost me about $600. (LCM-$200; Hub-$100; Installation by contractor-$325, including required rewiring)

The LCM needs to be paired after the installation of the device driver. The driver written by FalcoGeorge works “right out of the box” and no mods were required. The SmartApp I used was in Lights and Switches.

I am Happy, Happy, Happy!


For other people considering this, aeotec makes a similar device (heavy duty load controller) you can wire yourself for $89.

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I can assure you that I would not have recognized that my electric panel was not properly grounded, so I am more confident using a contractor, (or other electrician who is an expert) to wire a switch that operates on such high voltage/amperage.

Ah. Well that’s another issue and certainly well worth the expense. :smile:

Not disparaging your choice — just providing an alternative for folks who might be interested in such a thing.

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