Leviosa Motor Shades - Custom Motor Shades now fully SmartThings compatible

Disclosure: We are dealers of Leviosa Motor Shades - the Affordable choice for custom sized premium motor shades.

The intent is to provide options and discussion for superior motorized shades that integrate with ST and other systems, including smart speakers (Alexa, Google Home, etc.).

Leviosa Motor Shades utilize standard wifi technology (2.4GHz) and require a bridge (Leviosa Zone), each bridge commanding up to 6 groups of shades (unlimited number per group). Leviosa motor shades directly integrate with Samsung SmartThings and other home automation systems. Unlike other motor shades that operate on ‘dimmer’ or ‘switch’ settings, Leviosa has its own customized and ST approved device profile, listed under “All Brands” in Devices. No special DH skills needed to link up with Leviosa.

Why Leviosa instead of Lutron, Serena, Zebra ,and others?

  • High quality - same warranty as others - 5 years. The motor is tested to 30,000 cycles - enough to run the shade 2 cycles everyday for over 40 years! The company is run by motor and battery experts with 75 years experience.
  • Large Batteries - D size - 7x more energy than AA battery systems. Don’t change your batteries for years! And D-size alkaline are common and inexpensive - much less cost than special Lithium.
  • Home automation ready - Free App (Android and Apple), ST, Alexa, Google Home, others.
  • Many options: Large shades (up to 16’ wide), different valances, dual shades, hardwiring with power supply, 200+ different fabric options
  • Affordable! Half the cost of others. Finally, reliable Motor shades do not need to be expensive.

Comparison chart

All resources listed on bottom of the FAQ page:

  • Remote Control Programming Instructions (PDF)
  • Programming Leviosa Shades-VIDEO
  • Connect with Alexa
  • Connect with Google Home
  • Connect with Samsung SmartThings
  • Leviosa Power Options
  • Hardwiring Leviosa Shades directly to power supply (optional)
  • Double shade installation
  • Cove/Pocket/Recessed Ceiling System Options
  • Leviosa Zone User Manual
  • Leviosa Zone User Manuel-VIDEO

Specific SmartThings notes:

  • Leviosa Zone is listed ONLY on the New version, not the Classic version which Samsung plans to retire soon.
  • Leviosa Zone is listed under “All Brands” section when a user chooses to “Add Device”
  • Leviosa Zone is also listed within “Window Treatments” under “Devices” category

Congrats on your SmartThings integration!

Some things you may want to clarify:

  1. Look like this is available in the new app only?
  2. In the new app, i’m not seeing it under the Window Treatments category. I see it at the bottom in the “More compatible devices” section with Deako light switches.

Hi Jimmy-
Thanks for the kind words.

  1. Yes - only available in the New ST App, not Classic, which is slated for retirement soon.
  2. Listed with “All brands” under “Add device” shown here.

Good input - we will include these details.

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Soon? Do you know something we don’t?

The FAQ to which you linked says, “We do not have a specific sunset date for SmartThings Classic, but it will not happen until the new SmartThings app can support you, our existing customers.”

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Hi John-
We only know that during the process of ST approval for Leviosa, we had direct communications with some of the leaders of the program who told us they are committed to retiring the ‘Classic’ version as soon as reasonable because of the confusion caused by 2 Apps. Nobody provided firm timing.


I would love to buy these but I need to first comfirm that they will work for me because I can’t yet use the new app. I can use it to install devices but I have lots of devices that are not yet working in the new app so I always go back to the old one for my daily use. Do you know if I can authorize the shades in the new app and then see it to use in the old one? That is how many things work these days - all except the Samsung vac which refuses to work in the old app for me.

Only works in the new App for me.

I don’t have it on my smartthings
Do I have to have the 2018 smart hub

It might depend on what region you are in

do you mean country?

Yes but it is only a guess on my part. I see them and I am in the US.

I’m in the US too

I do not see zooz on your image also

Only US region for now, as the product is available there.
You do not need a ST Hub to connect to Leviosa Zone, which is already a wifi bridge to communicate with Leviosa shades.

Latest Devices screenshot:

I just recently added Leviosa shades to my hub. I have a Leviosa Zone and have ST linked to my Leviosa account. So far it is working okay. The only issue I have is you can’t use the setpoints in ST. It’s either all the way open or closed.

Also whenever I open the shade in the new app I get an error that pops up briefly. It’s not a big deal as I don’t really use the app to open and close but something someone might want to look into. See below.

Hi Mike-
The error is on the ST side, and while they acknowledge your finding that the ‘error’ does not impact performance, it is unsightly and they are still working to remove it from display.

Just noticed that in the ST app if you select to control a shade, that along with Open and Close there is now a preset position option as well. However, whenever I try to use that in an automation I get a network error and the automation will not save. I can leave everything the same and select open and closed and it will save. As soon as I change it to Preset it will not. Should this work, or is there something I need to do to get it working?

Up to 5 Pre-set positions are allowed as part of programming the shades, and are simple to setup, change, or remove. An up or down command will move the shade to the next pre-set position. Holding up or down button for 2 seconds bypasses all pre-set positions and the shade will fully open or close. The pre-set function for ST is not active and cannot be saved.

I’m guessing Leviosa is using capability Window Shade for their device, but haven’t mapped the SmartThings preset capability to the presets in their cloud

Jimmy is right that Leviosa is using capability Window Shade. Pre-sets are user programmed independent of ST and are not able to be mapped. We hope ST expands Window Shade capability to enable “raise” and “lower” commands in addition to today’s “full open” and “full close” commands - then the Leviosa pre-sets will work perfectly and simply with ST, as they do already with other home automation systems (e.g. Alexa).