Automate existing window shades with SmartThings?

Hey all,

We have existing pull string roman shades and I’d like to find a controller that can integrate with SmartThings. I have found some wi-fi controllers that work with the Tuya app, but not sure I can integrate those into ST.

I’m sure somebody has done this!?


There was a new integration added last week. I guess it depends on where you are located and type of shades. Not sure if these will work for you.

There were also a few other brands added in recent months that you can look at. In the new app, click on the + in the upper right of the screen, choose device, select by brand and search through the list :slight_smile:


Thanks but looking for something that can pull a shade up/down. Something like this Zemismart controller - Zemismart Wi-Fi controller

What’s interesting is they have products for SmartThings and that particular controller has Alexa compatibility so you could probably link them somehow.

That’s awesome, but good grief are these solutions expensive.

If you can wait a couple months for everything to start working and for blinds to be added to the supportable devices, then you can use the smartthings smart life (version of tuya) integration that just came out. But you could be buying a blind motor just for the integration to not release a blind integration. Now flashing with tasmota is a good way to combat this.

You could get the brunt blind engine (wifi)

Or the axis gear (requires smartthings hub - zigbee)

Both both are pricy.

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I just replaced mine with Zebrablinds motorized ZWave shades and I could t be happier. They work great and we’re easy to install. Not cheap but worth it. They look better than old shades and the ZWave integration is awesome.

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Thanks Kewashi. I didn’t realize they had so many options. I thought they were purely blinds. This may be the easy route to take if wife likes any of the styles.

Yea - there are tons and tons of style options. Something for just about every taste. I went with a simple light brown hatched blackout shade. Here is what they look like installed: