Let's talk Chrimtmas Lights

I’m thinking of changing things up a bit this year for Christmas. I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figured some of you have already done this.

The past few years I have used C9 size LED bulbs for the roof line of my house. I have four 25’ sets of lights, three connected in one strand, and one single strand. They are however absolutely horrid to put up. I’ve got to get out the 40’ extension ladder, which gets fully extended for the peaks, and install the roof clips for every single light, every single foot.

What I’m thinking of doing is using the 6803 5050 Dream Color LED strips this year but I have a few questions that I can’t find answers to. I’ve posted a link to the lights I’m looking at below. I have a couple reasons for this change. first, they would (should) be easier to install, don’t have to clip them every foot. They will look a little better with motion, new colors, etc compared to my traditional LED multicolor lights. I’m not looking to get into the synching them with music or anything, the preset animations would be just fine.

  1. How would I control this with ST? I don’t mind manually setting the color/pattern manually, but I do want them to come on to the last state each time the controller is powered up. What I would require is to plug the controller power supply up to my GE outlet and control main power with ST, along with the rest of the decorations. Is this possible.

  2. How many can be run off a single chain? I would need to connect four 5m strips together for the main run of lights then have two sets connected together for the second run.