Zigbee 3.0 Switch availability (2020)

I have 5 toggle switches in 3 different attics that I want to upgrade to Zigbee 3.0 switches in order to create a stable Zigbee 3.0 backbone in the house. The majority of my Zigbee devices are either non repeaters or plug in devices which is not an ideal configuration for a robust network. This will also allow me to swap some zwave devices for zigbee to reduce zwave network congestion thus increasing performance (and hopefully getting rid of recurring zwave issues!). The issue is that the only suitable switch appears to be this one which is not yet available:

Leviton DG15S Zigbee 3.0 Decora-style Switch

Does anyone know when it will become available or whether there is some other alternative? I imagine there isn’t as I reviewed the entire list of Zigbee 3.0 certified products and it was the only one.

I know there is an HA 1.2 alternative from Jasco/GE but I don’t want my backbone to be based on an old standard being replaced by Zigbee 3.0

Unlike the Z wave alliance, The zigbee alliance isn’t very good about keeping their product list current on their website. So there are probably a number of devices out there that aren’t on the list yet.

No idea when the Leviton will be out, but we are seeing more and more Zigbee Devices sold for the DIY market, probably because of the popularity of the Phillips hue bridge and the Amazon echo plus.

Right now gledopto, Nue, Zemismart all have fairly inexpensive zigbee 3.0 in wall micros you could consider. Of this group, gledopto appears to be the best engineered, but there are community members using all of these so you can check the forums. ( this form is a little bit better for the manufacturers since they can be sold in multiple countries.)

Sunricher and ubisys also have well engineered micro models, typically smaller than the previous group, but they seem to be harder to find in retail channels. And they tend to be very expensive when sold one at a time, unlike the previous brands I listed. I think these are intended more for office buildings and to be sold through wholesale channels.


Schneider will certainly have some, but probably only in the UK format.

If you can wait six months, I expect to see a lot more switches out by the end of the year.


Thank you for the information.

The switches I want to replace power the lights in the 3 attics and the 2 HVAC systems in the top attic. The latter will have a toggle switch in series to the Zigbee switch so that there is no chance of something/someone turning it on when it is being serviced. I do not foresee needing to turn the HVAC systems on/off remotely but I like the idea of being able to do so… I’ll decide later if it is actually worth doing or not. If the new zigbee 3.0 switches also have energy reporting like the Jasco/GE HA 1.2 switches, then I might do it just for that.

That said, I prefer the actual decora style switch than the ‘micro models’. I am itching to replace these last few switches and hate to wait :woozy_face: . I figured that it might take a few months from certification (February 2019) for production to be available… considering we are now 4 months after certification, I hope the wait is not much longer.

Does smartthings even support zigbee 3.0?

Yes. All of the SmartThings branded devices use Zigbee 3.0

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I believe this switch will soon be available on Amazon.com and Home Depot at the very least. It appears it is branded as part of their Lumina ecosystem so they are not making much of a fuss that it is Zigbee 3.0 and can be used with other systems too. I believe that is the same approach they took with their zwave Vizia line of products…

EDIT: I guess I am wrong as the model number on the zigbee alliance product page does not match the model number of the Lumina version… :frowning: Back to waiting…

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The lumina series is available now and uses zigbee ZHA 1.2 , not zigbee 3.0 They’ve been on the official “works with SmartThings” list for about a year and a half. :sunglasses:.


The new certification is for A zigbee 3.0 switch and it looks like it will be part of the regular consumer line. My guess is it will be marketed to the echo plus audience.

Most of the Leviton devices use the same case and look identical, but have different internals.

When I wrote my post above Zigbee.org was down… I then sadly found out the same thing. I am tired of waiting for the zigbee 3.0 version… I feel like a little kid waiting for bday to arrive :wink:

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Aqara will have a Zigbee 3.0 switch coming out. Even one without neutral wire

Hi I ordered 1,2 and 3 gangs switch from Zemismart all work well with DH and SmartApp they provide. About the repeater functionality, I’m not sure how to check. On the box of 2 gang, it said ZibBee 3.0 while on 3 gangs said ZigBee-ZHA/ZLL. The data on the switch shown as a router.

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I have tried the ubisys zigbee 3.0, works really solid and extremely fast response.

I am still trying timo get in the S2 (second channel) in ST and use the new app.

Anyone knows if there is a generic zigbee 2-channel relay DTH?

Zigbee multi switch

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Seems like there will soon be options:

Jasco SKU 43111

In-Wall Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring (Decora Style)


I am also glad to have found a Zigbee 3.0 outlet by Jasco:


Zigbee is increasingly interesting to me given the zwave nightmares I have had over the years.


And for a 3 gangs switch? As Zigbee Multi Switch just 2 are recognized.


An other point.

As Zigbee switch execution location is local. As Zigbee multi switch, execution location is cloud. Is there any way to recognize 3 gang switch and execute local?

@aruffell it looks like Aqara is finally releasing their Zigbee 3.0 USA switches next week

I’ll be curious to see the price point. There’s two switch models:

  1. single gang, single load that does require neutral
  2. single gang, dual load that does NOT require neutral


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That one sounds very interesting. I may have to buy one and experiment with it. Thanks for sharing.

I love the FCC teardowns too:

This might be more of the Aqara products, not sure as it is all filed under Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd and I did not take time to look at the user manuals or other parts of the filing that reveal the brand.


It ain’t pretty… The dual load device has a manual that I found, but it doesn’t give the color of the wires coming out of the device. I assume based on the pictures that black and brown are the hot wires (like my super old Leviton dual load device). The dual load device also shows a neutral although @prjct92eh2 described it as no neutral. I wonder if there’s another version we’re missing.