Led strip lighting outdoor - issue with stairs

I want to put led strip lights under our deck rail. I have looked at a few options but keep running into the same issue with the stair cases.

Here is a horrible drawing of the deck. I need lights where the black lines are, none at the steps where the red X is and then again after the red x (stairs). I have power cords under the stairs so there is a power source on each side. Do I have to get three sets of lights and just control them separately? Is there any way to have a break in the led strip and continue after?

I need about 67’ total so I’m trying not to go broke doing this too

I am finding cable connectors but none seem to be rated for outdoors.

I installed LED strip lighting under the stair tread lip overhang on my deck to illuminate the steps. I used the standard connectors, but sealed them with a hot glue gun and heatshrink, then made sure they were protected from direct rainfall. Three years now without a problem with the connectors. I also went “on the cheap” so I would add this caution, go with quality LED strips unless you want to be replacing them in the near future. I also have about 65 feet of lighting and within 6 months I was having spots of trouble with the LEDs loosing one or more of the colors (RGB) or dying completely. I have put off fixing it, but will be replacing them with better strips this summer. Also be aware that controllers can only handle a given current draw, limiting the number of lights connected to each one. Again, I went “on the cheap” and used the cheap controllers that came with the strips. (WiFi, not Z Wave) so I had to use one controller for each strip, however that gave the opportunity for some creative lighting, Orange and Yellow for Thanksgiving, Red and Green for Christmas, etc, and most importantly, Blue and Green for Seahawks games LOL.