LED bulbs turn off at 100% brightness level

Yesterday, I replaced three R14 style incandescent bulbs with FEIT R14 dimmable LED bulbs (110v). The LED bulbs are rated at 3.3w each, so a total of about 10w. They are in a fixture controlled by Leviton Z-Wave lamp dimming module VRPD3-1LW. When I turned on the bulbs, they turned on but immediately turned off. I tried several times, same thing. They would turn on and then immediately turn off.

On a hunch, I decided to test dimming. So, I set the dimming level to 50% and turned on the bulbs, they turned on at 50% brightness and stayed on. More testing showed that the bulbs would remain on till about 92%-95% brightness level. If I increase brightness beyond this level, the bulbs turn off immediately. If I connect them directly to the 110v outlet, then there is no problem, they stay on at full brightness.

What could be causing the dimmer to turn off at 100% brightness level? It works fines with incandescent bulbs which are probably about 25w each, so total load of 75w. I am aware that dimmers do not work well with low power LED bulbs. Is this what I am seeing? Just trying to understand why it works perfectly till about 95% dimming level.


I can’t speak specifically to the Leviton dimmers, but that is not an uncommon scenario with some dimmer switches controlling LED bulbs. Go into the dimmer’s settings and see if there is one for max brightness. If so, set it for the highest value that won’t cause the lights to turn off. I don’t have any Levitons, so I’m not sure if that setting is there or not.

Thanks Bryan…

There is no setting to cap the max brightness level, but it always starts up with the last level when switched on. So, if I never set the level beyond 90%, it will always stay at 90% and not create an issue.

You’re welcome. Inovelli switches have that feature so it was worth at least asking.