LED Bulb suggestions for dimmer setup? (HS-WD100+ specifically)

Hello all,
Well I finally made up my mind on a dimmer setup and ordered the HS-WD100+ paired with the HS-WA100+ companion switch for a 3-way setup. I now need to purchase my very first LED dimmable bulbs for this switch.

I was wondering if any of you wonderful peeps out there with experience in testing the various LED dimming bulbs available could be so kind as to suggesting what has worked best for them?

While not required, anyone who has used the HS-WD100+ with these bulbs would be extra appreciated. :slight_smile:


This might be of interest:

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Thank you sir!

*edit: btw, how do you quote other threads with the slick preview of the first message?

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Just make sure that the link is all the way at the left margin and don’t put anything else on the same line with the link. Just the link by itself. That should trigger the preview.

If you don’t want the preview, just indent one space or put a period or comma on the same line.

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Excellente, thanks!

Decided to order a 4 pack of Hyperikon 9W LED A19 - E26 Dimmable Bulb, 3000K (Soft White Glow) and see how they work out. Fingers crossed!

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