Leaksmart $85.86 + tax -reno lowes 2 stores free shipping


Location. Price. Shipping
Alton, IL 1 $85.86 Yes
Meridian, ID 1 $85.86 Yes

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Use promo code “470013376618781” to knock another $10 off. :slight_smile:

Interesting product. Haven’t heard of it. You still need to add hub and sensors though, right?

Where does this hook in? Does it go after your water meter, but before the rest of your pipes? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and this price is great. (If it’s what I need)

Fyi, i believe the renovo promo codes are one use only.

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Yes, most people but in a manual bypass in case of electronic failure.

Didn’t realize that!

For anyone who doesn’t have the link to generate a code here it is.


It connects directly to ST, you may need a custom device handler.

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I think I already wrote one for this…


Awesome find ! they were $57 last night. Got 2 for $99 after tax and renovo

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What store/zip had then for $57 ? Saving $10 isn’t worth it ( to me ) to jump on them. Saving $40 I am all in .

Meridian, ID. (NOT South Meridian, ID)

Meridian, ID

Thanks I didn’t want to waste the time to fine a filler to use 10off50, so just used 10% off all , total of $54 shipped vs $143 local

Thanks! The S Meridian was throwing me. Picked one up for $57 and will return my $85 one to the store once the replacement arrives.

I ordered a dumb LED recessed light for $10, totaled $62

Maybe if they had the $1.64 leak sensors at that store LOL

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