Leaksmart $85.86 + tax -reno lowes 2 stores free shipping

(Jason) #1


Location. Price. Shipping
Alton, IL 1 $85.86 Yes
Meridian, ID 1 $85.86 Yes

(Christopher) #2

Use promo code “470013376618781” to knock another $10 off. :slight_smile:

(Marc) #3

Interesting product. Haven’t heard of it. You still need to add hub and sensors though, right?

(Christopher Masiello) #4

Where does this hook in? Does it go after your water meter, but before the rest of your pipes? I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and this price is great. (If it’s what I need)

(Jason) #5

Fyi, i believe the renovo promo codes are one use only.

(Jason) #6

Yes, most people but in a manual bypass in case of electronic failure.

(Christopher) #7

Didn’t realize that!

For anyone who doesn’t have the link to generate a code here it is.

(Jason) #8

It connects directly to ST, you may need a custom device handler.

(Kevin) #9

I think I already wrote one for this…


Awesome find ! they were $57 last night. Got 2 for $99 after tax and renovo

(Realy Living Dream) #11

What store/zip had then for $57 ? Saving $10 isn’t worth it ( to me ) to jump on them. Saving $40 I am all in .

(Colin) #12

Meridian, ID. (NOT South Meridian, ID)


Meridian, ID

(Realy Living Dream) #14

Thanks I didn’t want to waste the time to fine a filler to use 10off50, so just used 10% off all , total of $54 shipped vs $143 local

(Christopher) #15

Thanks! The S Meridian was throwing me. Picked one up for $57 and will return my $85 one to the store once the replacement arrives.

(Colin) #16

I ordered a dumb LED recessed light for $10, totaled $62

(Realy Living Dream) #17

Maybe if they had the $1.64 leak sensors at that store LOL