Automating leak sensor with water shut-off valve

With no trouble at all I successfully paired a Fibaro FGFS-101 Flood Sensor and a “Leak Intelligence” a.k.a. Leak Gopher Z-Wave water valve. SmartThings recognized both items with no fuss.

I can monitor the status of the water sensor and I can also control the Z-Wave water valve manually using the SmartThings iPhone app. What I can’t figure out how to do is automate the water valve so it will close when the flow sensor detects a leak.

I have other automation functions working using the SmartThings app on iPhone. To accomplish this I used a section in the app called “Smart Lighting”.

I’m not sure where to start to automate the Z-Wave of water valve.


Smart Home Monitor -> Leaks. There is a option to Close Valves. Can also alert you, turn on lights, etc.

I have about 6 SmartSense water detectors along with a Dome shutoff. Works well.

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If you want to do it with webCoRE…


I just didn’t know where to start. Super easy when you know the procedure. I like the default setting of recognizing every moisture sensor. I ended up choosing the Fibaro FGFS-101 Flood Sensor because it has an option for external 12 VDC power (the internal battery then acts as a backup) and you can connect external water probes also.

The Leak Gopher Z-Wave water valve is very strong and very well-made. Made more to industrial standards as opposed to residential.

Thanks again!

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