Laundry Planner

I would like to delay start my washing machine. I’ve watched all the Youtube videos but to no avail. My machine is connected andni am able to set a load remotely. But the Laundry planner seems to be disabled. Tried pressing and holding smart icon button, waiting for AP but then it just reads disconnected???


You need to turn smart control on on the washer (button to the right of the display) and then let ST app make contact, planner will then enable…

Thank you dor reaching out to me.
I pushed and held that icon, but AP shows in the display on the machine and “disconnected” shows on the app?

Yours is a differing machine to mine and display differs (mine shows ‘smart.control enabled’), I do have to exit and re-enter the washing machine tile in the app for it to pick up that the smart control is now on though.