LANNouncer: Desired Features?

Hey fellow ST Victims! I haven’t been very active with LANNouncer because, well, it’s working wonderfully for me while ST has been a PITA. It’s hard to commit to a platform with such inconsistencies. But…

I’m nearing a new release of LANNouncer. As before, it’s still free. A few “premium” extensions - i.e. more audio files or faster IFTTT turn-arounds - that I still don’t actually let you pay for, but I may fix that. And…

  • Auto-pruning of the local photos and Dropbox photos if you, as I do, use LANNouncer to watch your door and put up images of whomever comes through it.
  • Better Attributes - actually telling ST what’s going on
  • A siren and strobe that, when called via the ALARM Capability, will keep going until you Stop it. (Got several requests for that.)
  • Better logging so you can figure out what’s not working
  • Better manual, so you have some clue how to configure it.

Some of these took a lot more effort than you’d expect. But wait! As Ronco would say, “That’s not all!”

Well, maybe it is all right now, but catch me while I’m actually in the state I live in (Washington. Let’s not hear the chorus of “denial” or “insanity” please, despite the work on SmartThings!), you too can have, for a low low price of just asking, some simple features.

What do you want LANNouncer to do, related to what it does do, that it doesn’t?

For example, you might say:

  • LANNouncer runs on an Android device, so I’d like it to take a video of someone entering. (It does this already, BTW.)
  • Can I have it look up the weather using Android? (Probably, but I think Big Talker can do that anynow)
  • Can it fire an IFTTT or Tasker task? (Now that is interesting! I’m pleased you thought of it!)

What do you want, that the ST world does’t give you but an Android device might be able to?


Let’s talk about how this can coexist and/or enhance SmartTiles sometime! Send me a PM?


I didn’t realize I could use it to take video’s/pics. Since I have no clue on the subject… is it possible to arm/disarm so if a the mode or SHM is on away I can use a motion sensor to trigger a video or pic? live streaming possible? (Sorry if it’s the wrong place to ask)

Also, thank you for the siren and strobe that keeps on going until we stop it!

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Out of curiosity, is there a reason it only supports Android 5+? I went to install this on my Samsung Tab 3 and got denied :frowning: I originally installed it on my phone (Galaxy S7) and played around with it. Now that I know I like it, I went to install it on my tablet I never use and womp womp womp no go.

I’m not an app developer, so I’m sure there’s a reason. But I feel like supporting older versions of android would be a good thing, as I’m sure a lot of people will be using old tablets they don’t use anymore for this, like myself.

@NWTony have you ever considered adding an intercom feature? I am sure many people have more than 1 LANNouncer device so that would be a neat feature to get them to work together. I know there are many apps that do this but keeping it strictly on the LAN may work better? I am all for keeping 1 app and your app with big talker and smart tiles is a fantastic combo so far!

This would actually be a neat feature to integrate with Smart Tiles :slight_smile: press a tile and either select every device or a specific device/group of devices and make your announcement.

Anyways just a thought :slight_smile:

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@chadbaldwin Yes… from the web page:
LANnouncer Android Requirements

LANnouncer requires SDK 21, which means Lollipop, Android 5.0, or above. This isn’t capricious; because I’ve updated all of my devices and because I initially wasn’t even considering publishing this (it was just to solve an annoyance), I used Android methods supported by my devices. Specifically, the AudioAttributes.Builder class, added in SDK 21.

In other words, it would have been much harder for older versions.

Interesting idea. There’s no recorder or voice input yet though.

Any idea when to expect a new release. Excitedly looking forward to it.

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