LAN Device Type (Denon Receiver) - HTTP GET Update Frequency Help

Hello, I’m really close to getting my home theater lighting automation setup, but need some help with one final portion.

As it stands, I’m using the (now discontinued :frowning:) Denon device type created by @Kristopher. Invoking the switch capability from my phone, the switch status instantly updates within ST, but if I use the remote to control the power, it takes over five minutes for the status to get polled and my lighting CoRE piston to fire.

Hitting the refresh button in ST after I’ve powered off/on with the remote instantly refreshes the receiver status with ST, so hopefully it’s just a small addition somewhere in the device type code I’m missing.

I’ve tried comparing device type code from other sources to see what might be causing this, but haven’t been able to identify why the refresh/update is slow if I manually power off/on the receiver using the remote.

If there’s another way to get the switch functionality into ST, that’s all I’m after.

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My understanding is that if you manually do something to your LAN device (turning ON receiver manually in your case), LAN device should send the update (HTTP POST request) to your hub. If receiver doesn’t support that (e.g. only supports polling), you are probably out of luck.
The only option you have is to use Pollster SmartApp and do, for example, 1 minute polls. But that won’t give you instantaneous response obviously.

Thanks - I packet captured the receiver’s traffic, and all I have are GET packets, no POST. I guess I’ll try getting the Harmony Hub and getting the required functionality working.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what triggers the state to update if manually powered on/off by the remote. Is the ST engine set to ~5 min intervals to check for HTTP devices (since my receiver doesn’t transmit POST, just GET?

I’m using a variation on the same code (altered for a Marantz device) and I’ve just had a quick play with it. It does look like there’s periodic polling for status, and obviously when you hit the refresh button it triggers the polling immediately.

By adding a debug statement in the poll() or refresh() functions you can see how often ST polls the device for status by watching the live logs.

So far, I’ve seen it called at 11:22am, 11:34am and 11:40am - it certainly doesn’t seem to be as frequent as every five minutes and is rather intermittent.

Unfortunately polling is the only option as the device itself can’t send out push notifications when the state is changed.

Thanks everyone for your help thus far. Since HTTP controls aren’t going to work for my home theater lighting project (HTTP GET delay an all), I’ll have to take this project a different route and hopefully interface with the Denon’s RS232 protocol. If anyone would like to follow along, and see my process along the way leading up to a full blown tutorial, see here

I know it’s been months since you post this, but if you have a motion sensor for your lights, you can set up a Piston to refresh your Avr. I just did that and it works well.

Can you elaborate on how you did this? I am using your Denon plug-in, and trying to automatically power off a Subwoofer (that doesn’t have a low power standby mode) connected to a z-wave switch based on the receiver status. I initially tied the power state of the subwoofer to the power state of the Denon receiver, but ran into the same issue described here - doesn’t seem to refresh very often. I’m looking for work arounds and I DO have a motion sensor in that room…so that might be it. Thanks in advance!