Device that sends GET requests/updates state via GET request

Not sure if anyone has already made a device handler that can do this, but does this exist:

A device handler that is essentially a simulated switch that has both the switch and refresh capabilities. When the switch is turned on it sends a certain GET request, when it’s turned off it sends a different GET request, and when it is refreshed or loaded/initialized it updates the device’s state based on the response it receives from a GET request.

If that doesn’t exist, is there a device handler that updates its state via the response from a GET request?

Thanks, looking forward to seeing if this has been made before.

Welcome to the community…

This should be simple to accomplish.
Here is a very basic example that I found: SmartThings XBMC Home Theater Integration
I hate to be that guy :expressionless: but I recommend you head over to

Once you figure out how to navigate around the docs it’s not too hard to find most of what you need there to get started.

We will be here if you need us after that.

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