Feature request - persistent background auto refresh of devices

Hello Samsung SmartThings,

I have a Smart Wi-fi wall light switch. The type of wall swicthes that you can easily buy from Amazon and use the Smart Life or Tuya app to govern them. Both Smart Life and Tuya are compatible with SmartThings.

Beside my introduction above, my wall light switch is not reporting it’s On/Off state to SmartThings
This is when I physically operate the switch on the wall. Device state reports well as normal when I operate it on the SmartThings app.

However when doing a maunal pull-down Refresh in SmartThings whilst physically turning on/off the wall switch - the device state updates well and works.

So I feel the solution is that this same pull-down refresh needs to be implemented by SmartThings devs as an automated background action of ‘every one second’ cycle.

Please Samsung, this is important especially for running routines, automations etc.


Aren’t the Smart Life integrated devices a cloud-to-cloud integration?

But regardless, polling is a poor design choice for Hub->LAN devices. The device should report its change using some sort of notification process, either by the hub registering a callback URL or by maintaining a constant connection to report changes. Polling many devices does not scale. Requesting that it does it every second is a terrible design.


Surfacing a device’s on/off line status to routines would be very useful rather than a constant poll maybe?

Would have thought this is possible as it is obviously known… also didn’t offline devices once get reported in a status tile? Sure it did but now appears to have been lost (in android app anyway).

There should be a warning that pops up when adding Tuya / Smart Life devices that says “This integration is terrible. It will not work properly. Are you sure you want to continue?” Answers: “Yes, bring on the Pain” or “No, return these things to the store”.


You can use SharpTools to run a refresh rule on your switch at set interval. But every second would put excessive load on the systems. I do it for my thermostats but I use a more reasonable 5 minute refresh cycle.

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if I had a nickel for every trend log for which a customer wanted 1 minute updates,
I would have a freakin’ dump truck of money, and all the clouds would be mine.

Instead they want it for free. The heart wants what it wants, but the heart is a moron. Even 5 minute power updates are noise for most intents.

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Same for my honeywell thermostat, but it is 10 minutes.

Would rather not use SharpTools or any other separate app.

I think an option should exist in the main “controls” screen of the device. The option Refresh every…(allowing the user to customise the time interval like timer)

My suggestion is replace it with a better supported/integrated device, not from Tuya.

Lots of options, wifi, Zwave and ZigBee.


Fair enough csstup and a well informed reply you wrote.

I still feel a user tickbox option (per individual device in ST) should exist for the polling. Such user option would act as guarantee backup for instances like mine.

I would suggest contacting the manufacturer’s support and report that the devices are not updating their status to Smartthings. As others have said, it’s a broken implementation if they don’t.


csstup, not so easy to simply replace it with another device since I’ve already invested money into the wall switch and the specific design of the wall switch might not be elsewhere

The app is protecting you from doing things that would not be good for performance, load, and just general bad practices.

If you want to poll the crap out of your device, you may want to look at Home Assistant. You can likely do it there.


h0ckeysk8er, due to the Chinese language barrier I have had limited contact with the manufacturer.

They dont manufacture this design of the wall switch anymore, plus they are ubiquitous on Amazon, eBay, other resellers etc.

The switch does a good job and is a joy to use through SmartThings.

The Refresh rate feature I’m asking for would be a user-option and of course disabled by default ready to be enabled by the user.

Right ok makes sense

Can you Tasmota-ize it and use that framework instead?

Sorry Corey, in this instance I refuse to use external apps, tricks, hacks etc

This is because I truly believe this feature should be implemented, however, probably just not as straining (every 1 sec) that I originally suggested

Hmmm ok. I’m now of the opinion that this feature should be included a user option on a per-device basis.

This better reconciles with what some of you commented on here about not putting unnecessary strain on the system/hub with constant polling (refreshing).

Like someone mentioned on this topic, this could be included as a tickbox option in the ‘Routines’ screen.

So a user-option in the ‘Routines’ screen would suffice.

Yes, TheHundredthIdiot,
I now agree. This would be best implemented as a user feature under ROUTINES

It should be named something like “Force Refresh”.
Then the description underneath this user option could be something like
“This tries to help with older or stubborn smart devices”

Then the feature could be predetermined to something like every 200 miliseconds.

I’d worry it would disappear if it begun life under LABS