How does app get latest about devices


Another nube question. I’ve got my device type running, i can turn on, off lights. i can dim my lights, i can refresh the status. So when the smartthings app comes up, how does it get the current status of my devices? is there something i need to put in devicetype to handle that? if i manually turn off the lights, or use the insteon app to turn on or off the lights, outside of the smartthings app, how when i bring up the ST app can i refresh the things with the latest info without having to hit the refresh button?


the command in your devicetype that you are looking for is poll()

thanks sidjohn1. i’ve got the capability “Polling” and the def poll() and the poll() routine is not being called. in my example, i can’t use parse() because i am talking to a hub which in turn talks to the device. so the deviceID column isn’t the actual device i am talking to. i was told that parse() is only called for defined devices (by deviceID column) Do you know if that is the case for poll()?


Ok, now I see what you are really asking. I have a devicetype that uses hubaction. In the headers I call a delay and refresh or poll of the device so the data is always in sync. The same concept may work for httpget.

    	try {
		hubAction = [new physicalgraph.device.HubAction(
		method: "GET",
		path: rooPath,
		headers: [HOST: "${ip}:80", Accept: "application/json"]
    	), delayAction(10000), api('refresh')]

when i control the lights using the smartthings app, everything works perfectly. what happens if i turn off the light manually? or using the insteon app? when i go into the smartthings app, the device status is out of date, stale. if the poll() isn’t being called, how can the device tiles/state/etc get updated?

for that situation there is pollster, it will poll a device every so often and force an update. it’s not elegant but it works. I currently use it on a switch that does not update smartthings if i use the physical buttons, i poll it every minuet. If you want it more frequently you can write a smart app that polls as often as smartthings servers will let you :wink:

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