Lame Duck Hub?

(Beckwith) #1

Do you get a feeling that SmartThings staff has shifted towards work on Hub 2 at the expense of integrating devices to Hub 1? There are a lot of new exciting devices coming to market and none being integrated and several that used to be on the official list being removed.

(Tim Slagle) #2

“Platform” as a whole is the priority. Stability, hub v2, etc…

(Cody Truscott) #3

Yes. &thankgoodness. I’d rather have 2.0 sooner than later.

(Ben Edwards) #4

It may seem like this from the outside but this isn’t the case. Completely different teams work on these initiatives and it wasn’t teams that were taken from elsewhere.

(Morgan) #5

I think w/ the new Samsung acquisition the priorities for integrating the Samsung applications have taken priority over a lot of other pieces is my guess. It makes sense to attempt to leverage the acquisition as soon as possible.

Some type of road map, even rough set of priorities with no dates attached would really help with people feeling comfortable when things appear to be moving very slowing from the outside.