LABS RELEASE: Quirky Pivot Power Genius

For me, I’d rather the outlets keep their current state. Even with zigbee and zwave, if I were to be away from home and lose internet connection I would not be able to turn a device off. I’m using one of these to control day and night lights on an aquarium. I don’t want my light turing off during the day randomly.

Oddly enough, the strip I’m using on my tank keeps turning off today and I can’t get it back on for a while. Both strips I have are within about 10 feet of the router. It seems they have problems keeping their wifi connection. Does smartthings just guess that it’s off when it can’t reach the strip? How else does it know that it’s actually off if it’s a wifi issue?


As stated in an earlier post in this thread, it appears that SmartThings has nothing to do with the strip going off. No “off” command is being sent when it goes off. It appears that the strip’s firmware is designed to go off when Wifi is disrupted.


ok now I see that (bad) behavior as well. I had an electric heater turn on and off based on room temperature (all via IFTTT) but it wasn’t working properly so I turned off the IFTTT recipe and had it on all the time but it turned itself off anyway. I tested another power outlet and left it on but after about an hour it turned itself off too. And I agree that this is a Quirky (wink) problem and not ST. Better report this to quirky.

The Quirky support engineers have acknowledged the issue and are working on it. I’ll let you all know when I here any additional information.



I spoke with the Quirky folks again this morning and they say they have a firmware fix that will keep the strip operating correctly. You will need to do the following to get the update:

Send an email to "". In the subject of the email put “Need firmware update for Pivot Power Genius”. In the body include: “Pivot Power Genius turns outlets off randomly. The serial number(s) to my device(s) is: {list serial number(s) here}. Please update firmware for the listed devices.”

The serial number is on the back of the strip and should start like “AAAA000xxxxx”.

They say the update should blow down to your device within the day/next day. If it does not, call them at 1-866-578-4759.

Hope this helps,

Thanks a lot @twack!

Thank you once again. I think the company quirky really owe you one.


It’s going on 21 hours and my Pivot Power has stayed on the entire time. It appears that the firmware fix is successful!


Sounds great @twack
How do you know firmware update is done? Do they send confirmation mail?



You should get a response from them if you sent the email I suggested.


Emailed Quirky with the email suggested, got this response -

"Thanks for reaching out. This is a related to a firmware issue we recently pushed. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are currently working on resolving the problem.


Looks like we might need to name-drop @twack to get any results :slight_smile:

Is it possible to use a secondary controller like ge 45631 with the power pivot?

Anybody experiencing random power offs like before? After the firmware update they’ve been working fine but it’s happening again.

Same here @defcon. I called support Friday evening but it was a long wait and they never called me back.

Reply from quirky support

This is a known issue at this time and the guys at Wink are working on investigating whether its a firmware problem or an actual hardware problem. We are still trying to find a solution and we thank you for being patient!

So I guess the last firmware update was not a perfect one. Certainly hope that it is not a hardware problem and another firmware update could fix this.

Anybody able to add new pivot outlets via quirky app after the recent iOS app update?
I had some units offline from ST and only use them via wink app which I wanted to add back to ST.
@wackware’s quirky app still sees those units and I could check them to add, but those outlets don’t show up under things or switches dashboard. I tried relaunching and logging out/in but still they don’t show up. Could this be a new app bug?

Follow up - now even existing quirky outlets aren’t responsive anymore and ST quirky app doesn’t see any wink devices. Seems like something is broken, or being updated maybe?

@esung same issue here, they still respond via the Wink app. Mine worked fine yesterday though. Started last night at some point.

@ronnycarr Smartthings support got back to me and it seems they released a new quirky app and the old one is now non-functional. It could be that the app is the same but now it’s more official so that you can add quirk pivot strip via ‘connect new device / switches & dimmers’ section. (I think it’s the same app version because spotter is still not supported.)

Trouble is that the old quirky app is now a dead weight. All the things connected via old app are not functional but not easily deletable unless you remove things from smart apps usage case. I have 14 things used in 5~8 apps so this is going to be a long spring cleaning session. (Not to mention I need to name and icon all the newly added quirky outlets and add them to smartaps. hmm…) I wish the transition was smoother than this.

Thankfully I only have two power strips, good luck @esung! Thanks for the heads up.