Kwikset zigbee lock won’t work (March 2023)

I am trying the get a zigbee kwikset lock to work. I can install and control it, but will not let me add codes with the guest access smart app. it shows no locks online.

I have been back and forth with smarthings support but they just keep asking me to uninstall and reinstall. This has been going on since dec. the driver shows placeholder so i am assuming that i have the edge driver.

Any help would be great.

I have 4 different Zigbee Kwikset locks and had the same issue. I worked with Mariano and he added the fingerprints from my locks to his driver Zigbee Lock Mc and that fixed the problem. The stock Zigbee lock driver is missing a lot of fingerprints for Kwikset so the device pairs as a lock with no keypad and that’s why you can’t add codes in SLGA. Try his driver and if it still doesn’t work then ask him to add your fingerprints for your locks. Get the driver below.

you can also find his Github link here to see which fingerprints are already in the driver.

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I am very new here. How would I contact him?

No issues we were all new at one time. When you want to contact someone you can click on there name and click message them but the proper way to do this is when you are creating a post hit the @ key and then there username like @chris21 and then they will recieve a notification via email.

So what you should do is post in the discussion below and then put @Mariano_Colmenarejo provide him with the figerprint of your lock and ask him if he could add it to his driver Zigbee Lock MC.


you can look in the yml file of his Zigbee lock driver below and see if your fingerprints are already added.


Also you mentioned the lock showing as placeholder. Dont rely on the IDE any longer its wrong most of the time set up the api browesr below. Its very easy to do and is where you should look going forward.


Thank you @mlchelp it does show smartcode under kwikset but i am not sure that is the driver for a 914.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo could you look into adding the fingerprint for a Kwikset 914 smartcode lock…zigbee. I would really appreciate it sir.

Mariano doesn’t have any way of knowing the fingerprint unless he happens to have that exact same model. You need to provide it to him.

See point 8 in the community FAQ on edge.

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)


Set up the API that I linked to above. This will allow you to view the fingerprint for your lock and then you can pass that on to Mariano.

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This is what the API will show. Your looking for the value in Model. Search the YML link I sent you first and see if it is already there.


@mlchelp man I appreciate the help. I will get that done today and post. Do you have any suggestions on where to start to get familiar with all this?

Start with reading the post @JDRoberts gave you above and then let us know of any questions you have. Keep asking any questions you need here in the forums, there are plenty of members that will help you out.

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Thank you.
@Mariano_Colmenarejo could you look into adding the kwikset 914. The fingerprint is SMARTCODE_DEADBOLT_10_W3 I do not see it in the current fingerprints.yml

Hi @chris21

Added to this driver version
Use it at your own risk, a lock is something I am not responsible for.

 Name         Zigbee Lock Mc
 Version      2023-03-11T15:41:36.276901996        
- id: "Kwikset/SMARTCODE_DEADBOLT_10_W3"
    deviceLabel: "Kwikset Door Lock"
    manufacturer: Kwikset
    model: SMARTCODE_DEADBOLT_10_W3 # added 11 mar 2023
    deviceProfileName: base-lock
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Do let us know if this worked out for you.

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It did not sadly. I can lock and unlock through the app but cannot add codes. Shows no locks online. I know there has to be something missing to where it would pull the ability to work with codes.

Chris Landman

what do you see in the name field in the API

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It shows lock-battery. It also shows nonfunctional as the provisioning state

Key Value
Name lock-battery
Mfg Name SmartThingsCommunity
Mfg Code Kwikset
ocf Type oic.d.smartlock
Category SmartLock
Room Living Room
Presentation ID 861b3e5f-1e2d-3b59-8d48-b6da928d98ad
Parent ID 9fe46c01-e681-4e18-93db-325409c895ff
Parent Name Landman Home Hub
Driver ID 92f0d63c-51f2-4095-82de-94193b4544d3
Driver Name Zigbee Lock Mc
EUI 002446FFFD096AD7
Network ID 23A8
Provisioning State NONFUNCTIONAL
Local Execution yes

You need that to be base-lock. lock-battery is the generic profile when the stock ST Zigbee Lock driver doesn’t have the fingerprints of your device and lock-battery doesn’t support lock codes. ST told me something about security reasons. You need to remove the stock Zigbee lock driver and make sure you have Zigbee Lock Mc installed and then delete the lock and factory reset it and then add it back so that it uses the driver Mariano added the fingerprints to.

You are the man. I will do that when I get home tomorrow!!!

Chris Landman