Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen

Yes, works like a charm to pair, lock and unlock, except when ST Cloud and other glitches are random. I use @ethayer’s User Lock Code Manager SmartThings App and custom device which you will need to load in the IDE.

Adding his application allows one to program many more features, like :

  • More reliable code set/delete.

  • Codes will be reconciled on each poll() event.

  • App will function without custom device type, but not as well.

  • Features:

  • Assign Codes to Multiple Users.

  • Manage Multiple Locks.

  • See what codes are active.

  • See how many times a code is used (reset usage manually)

  • Be notified when a user uses their code.

  • Delete codes after they are used*.

  • Optionally Schedule Users so that they only have access during certain times, modes, days of the week, or a calendar range.

  • Decide which notifications to receive in the event that the locks are too chatty.

  • When a code is entered, perform Hello Home Actions.

  • Code is burned when a user enters it at any selected lock. Code will not become active again until code usage for that user is reset.

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