Kwikset 915 Lock

(Lawrence) #1

Hello, I am wondering if the kwikset 915 lockset will work with ST. I don’t see anywhere that it says works with St or nothing saying Zigbee or Z wave. o anyone have this lock and have success with being controlled by St and Alexa?

(Mark) #2

No. It has a keypad but can’t be controlled remotely.

(Lawrence) #3

Thanks you

(Miguel Ruiz) #4

I’m actually using it with the Lock Manager SmartApps from

It has a lot of features and it can be lock and unlock remotely.


Check your model number. The versions which include a Z wave or zigbee module and can therefore be integrated with SmartThings are the 916, not the 915.

(Miguel Ruiz) #6

You are correct. It is the 916 and not the 915. The 916 has what they call “Home Connect” for Z Wave or Zigbee.