Kwikset 916 Zigbee in 2020 using Rboy or other smartapps

Looks like Rboy might be the main solution here for a scheduler of my new Kwikset 916 Zigbee so that the code can only be used on certain times of the days or certain days. Currently I’ve been using “Smart Lock Guest Access” as it just locks, unlocks and sets guest codes with no scheduling options.

How’s the integration with Rboy or others with the 916? Any issues here?

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The 916 a decent lock with a full keypad which overcomes some of the limitations of its half keypad siblings like the 912/914/888. You can check out the enhanced DTH to access some of the remote config features and also see more details about the point I mentioned in my first line.

It also depends on the usage. It’s fine to use with with app like LUM for personal use: [OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

However if you’re using it for Rental or commercial use with automatic user generation with an app like RLA it may be better to use a commercial grade lock: [RELEASE] Rental Lock Automater - Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Booking, Expedia

The Schlage FE599 is a little quirky. Yale has better battery life while Kwikset chipsets could be a hit or miss with battery reporting. For personal use however the 916 is quite capable.
See this post for comparison between lock models:

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RBoy thanks for the detailed information as I’m looking to use this for personal use.

Nice to see you have an interoperability matrix for Z-wave as I wish I had purchased a Z-wave model now. The lock I’m using is the Zigbee model (not Z-wave). Have you seen any different results with using a different wireless protocol? Hoping it will still support scheduling.

I echo the “Hit or Miss” :rage: battery reporting of the 916. It can read 50% and be DOA… Other than that, it is a great lock…

Hi all,

I just installed a 916 (zigbee). Now im wondering if there is a way to auto lock it after x minutes have passed?!
Also, is there a way to create an event to unlock it based on my arrival (radius x)?
Thank you.