Kwikset 916 Z-Wave Plus not working, server error, after new app installed

Worked for one day I guess, now I can lock or unlock but then it wont say that it is and then I cant do anything after that unless I manually lock or unlock.

I guess the new app is causing problems?

This is getting exhausting, if it isnt going to work then I am willing to buy a new lock and home hub system, but wouldn’t know where to start to avoid this. Clearly Smartthings is going away eventually?

I have deleted app and added back, I have not rebooted Comcast gateway router/modem because it is Sunday and if for some reason it doesnt reboot, I want to wait for tomorrow.

p.s. I have two Samsung TV’s connected to this hub and app and they work fine remotely on the app.

I don’t think it’s the intention that SmartThings is going away, they just got out of making their own hardware but are still, clearly, working on the software.

Have you run through the exclusion process and made sure the device was deleted in IDE before reading? I have two older kwiksets on my hub V2, with two kwikset locks a 912 & 910, that are both working fine.

Reinstall your ST mobile app and then try these steps:

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Need new system all together, cant rely on SmartThings anymore.

Suggestions? I hear there are now locks that require no hub, just a Wi-Fi connection?

Mine went down again today, had to reboot wifi and that luckily worked, and at the same time even though I have many Samsung products none of them show up on my samsung account, etc. Big mess, I am done with it.

I dont need an app for the TV’s anyway.

What system might you suggest? I have several items in my house that used to be connected with Smartthings, but since a Hub RESET, most will not reestablish their existence with the hub…