Kwikset 910 with existing trim

Does anyone know whether the smart lock cylinders are interchangeable with other Kwikset components? Better yet, can I just install the interior component of the smart lock on top of the existing cylinder / bolt? Is there something different about the guts of the smart lock? Our front exterior handleset is one of the styled ones and I can only get away with installing a smart lock if I can keep it all matching.

The guts, as far as the cylinder and latch, are the same. I won’t go as far to guarantee to you it will fit, but I would be willing to try it myself.

I also cannot guarantee your setup, but installed a 910 with an already existing qwikset deadbolt on the outside. I had zero issues.

Thanks! It seemed obvious that they should be compatible but you never know. I just ordered a keypad for the back door - I’ll check the interior side on the front door and confirm fit before I order another unit.

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I actually am planning to do the same for my garage doors and patio doors as these often get left unlocked…but I do not want the keypads on the outside. Let us know how it goes.

Kwikset offers a lockset without a keypad that sounds like it would do what you need (here’s the basic one).

My issue is the trim - my front door has a Chelsea handleset, so it would look wrong if I replaced the exterior deadbolt trim with the “traditional” or “contemporary” trims shown in the installation instructions. If I can just slap the motorized component on the back of the existing deadbolt though, I’m in good shape.

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Great to know, I did not realize there had a keypadless z-wave solution.

Regarding yours, from memory, I recalled there was nothing special about the exterior lock itself. There is a 4-wire you have to pass through to the door for the keypad. But you go with the 910 that is keypadless, I see know reason you cannot just provide your own exterior assembly.

Have you compared the installation manuals to ensure the internal parts are all the same?

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Looks the same to me, and it seems like there’s no reason they wouldn’t be. I’ll find out this weekend and report back.

I put a 910 on an existing dumb deadbolt (rear door where no keypad required). The outside part with the key on the new 910 set did not exactly match in design/looks to what I already had so I installed just the inside part from the new 910. I left the existing latch and outside key part in place. All is good.

This is what I used …


Update after installation this week:

So all looks good, as @Nezmo confirmed, and next time my wife says “I’m pretty sure I locked the front door” as we go down the street, I’ll be ordering another unit for that door.


PS only complaint - this sucker is LOUD. But I guess it’s handy to sit in my living room and know when someone’s unlocked the door downstairs…

It is loud, and somewhat annoying. But on the other hand, I can be anywhere in my house and hear if someone is opening the door. My front door is done but I still need to do my garage doors and patio doors.

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