Kwikset 910 & Frequent Required Hub Restarts?

I have the new Smartthings v2 hub it only one thing currently connected; my Kwikset 910 Z-Wave Contemporary Lock.

The Smartthings hub seems to require a manual reboot (unplug/plub back in) at least every 48 hours. After a manual reboot everything works perfectly. The lock quickly locks/unlocks and the status in the apps reflects the correct status.

Probably 24 hours later the lock will still lock/unlock, but it is slow to respond to my commands. After about 48 hours since the last manual hub restart, the lock simply doesn’t respond at all.

Resetting the Hub again always fixes the problem. This seems to me that is has to be a problem with the hub rather the lock.

What do I do?

You may need to build out your z-wave mesh a little more. More z-wave devices the better the z-wave mesh will perform. If you have other z-wave devices I would start adding them to the new Hub to improve your mesh.

Thanks so much! Elementary question. Do I want to stick with z-wave then? Rather than adding zigbee devices?