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Kwikset 888 lock not pairing

Kwikset Zwave plus lock Model 888 is not pairing with our v2 hub. I have excluded it, moved it within 6 inches of the hub and tried pairing it a dozen times by pushing A once on the lock. Also excluded it several times between those tries. It excludes, no problem. It just isn’t showing up when I try to pair it. Possibly a faulty item or am I doing something wrong? We have multiple other locks that work just fine including another Kwikset but different model.

If you have any custom device handlers previously installed in IDE for locks, go in and open them and save/publish for me again, then exclude your lock again and attempt to add it. Also, which app are you using?


Thank you! That solved it!

I am having the same issue but I don’t know what the response you gave means. Can you help me?

That solution only works if you’re using a custom device handler like this one.

If you’re using the stock handler that comes with ST then most likely your lock and hub are having pairing issues. Try this:

  1. Exclude your lock using the Classic app (this is one reason locks won’t pair, they need to be excluded first, see your lock manual)
  2. Reset the lock (see lock manual)
  3. Reboot the hub (power cycle it if you don’t know how to reboot)
  4. Bring the lock within 5ft of the hub and then try pairing it