Konnected service disconnected from smarthings (30 June 2024)

I had my 2 Konnected alarm boards linked to Smarthings hub since 2018. I update to Konnected cloud in 2023. Short story I unregistered my 2 devices and registered them again in Konnected app. All my devices went offline in smarthings so I removed them. I entered all my new devices and zones in Konnected app cloud. Now when I go back to Smarthings app, Konnected service in disconnected. I can no longer sign in again (no poo up window to enter my credentials again), I just get this page with this error: ViperError":“missing_required_query_parameters”,“errorCode”:"FKHGQA

I know my error don’t fix it if it isn’t broke…how can I get my Konnected devices back into Smarthings.

If I go to page in smarthings app to see my linked accounts I see konnected is disconnected. When I press to sign in I get this error page in smarthings Web page ??? It doesn’t let me enter my credentials.

Konnected has their own forum. It looks like the problem is already being discussed there:

I have Alexa skills enabled with Konnected and everything shows up fine there. So I am Pretty sure it’s Smarthings issue. I Will try to uninstall Smarthings and re-install.

From the Konnected community forum… it appears it may be related to the android app so you may want to hold off uninstalling anything. Someone wrote while it doesn’t work on Android… it works on IOS.


Resolved . Did it with my wife’s iPhone !!! Thank you !

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