KOF Zigbee only works once per day?

I have a strange one. The KOF Zigbee fan controller will work one time each morning and then not work for the rest of the day. I can turn the light off/on one time and I can turn on/off the fan once independently. I suspect it gets reset every evening as I have a timer on my router that turns the router on/off every night.

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks.

Is it using a custom DTH? I suspect a week zigbee mesh or some kind of interference. Maybe a bulb or other device it repeats through is getting turned off during the day so its going offline?

Since when you have your King of Fans Zigbee device installed? How is it wired?

I have a feeling that you might cut the power to the device and that’s the reason why it is not working.

It’s weird. I can turn the lights off (and the fan) one time in the morning. If I try to turn them off/on even immediately after that first time it won’t respond. It won’t respond immediately after so the signals shouldn’t have changed 5 secs after it worked. And it won’t work any at all for the rest of the day.

No, it’s wired to an always on connection. It’s been working fine for years. Nothing on the setup has changed. Sometimes after a power failure I’ll have to repair the system. I guess I’ll have to try that now. Just weird how it will work only once per day.

Do I have to delete anything in ST app, or just toggle power 5 times (or was it 10?) to reset the device?