Knock on garage door to open?

I would be willing to compensate a dev if they could make me a smartapp which would trigger a switch when a multisensor detected vibration/movement.

These already exist, but reliability varies a lot depending on local architecture. Some people find they were great, some get a lot of false opens, Some get a lot of failed to detects.

Search the forums for “knock” and you should find different existing projects.

BTW, if you just wanted to trigger based on movement, you can already do that with the standard smart lights automations.

The knock detection is based on a different capability, “acceleration.”

So when you’re looking, it helps to distinguish between acceleration and motion to make sure you get what you want.


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Thanks JD,

I’m not sure of the existing projects would work for my situation. I think there would be a lot of issues with the sensor detecting acceleration after knocking when the door starts to move, and then triggering it again. Or, when I open the door manually with the clicker.