Knock to open garage

I have an automated garage with a multi on the door. I work on my jeep in the driveway a lot and it be nice if I could just knock on the garage door for it to open ( set the app for home mode only of course)

Problem is activity would register on the multi when the door is opened via other means and then the door would stop do to another on command being sent to the switch.

Anyone have any clever ideas on this?

Have the knock app get the state of the motion attribute before it sends the “open” command. If motion already, no knock event, kinda thing.


I agree with twack. As long as you check to ensure that the garage door’s current state is “closed” AND that the acceleration state is “not active”, you should be good. This will stop it from triggering from the vibration of the door opening (since the vibration will set the accelerator state to “active”.

The only gotcha I can think of is that you might need to ensure that the larger side of the multi is what’s attached to the door itself (rather than just the smaller portion which is just a casing for the magnet). I don’t know if the magnet side of the multi can be used for accelerator purposes.

Great use case. Any luck figuring out the code to get this working?

He he. Afraid not. I’m not Mich of a scripter. I’ve been copying and pasting for days with no success haha.