Kitchen - under cupboard strip leds

I’m not technical but am having a new kitchen and would like the lighting integrated with my ST hub.
I have 4 small cupboards in different areas of the kitchen and I want to put controlled led strip lights under them. All of the strip light packs (Hue, Fibaro etc) have strips that are way longer than I need. If I were to go with a Fibaro Rgbw controller (or similar) what other kit would I need other than the strip and a power unit. Also, would I need 4 separate controllers?
I would also like to control the ceiling down lighters, would I need a similar controller for that?

If you have still got an electrician onsite (or the work hasnt happened yet), then get them to run some 5 core cable from 3 of the kitchen cabinets back to the fourth, and ask them to install a switched light cable to the same point. If you have minimal space then all four cabinets can have a 5core cable going back to another point - which is where you would install the Fibaro RGBW/H801 controller.

I would suggest doing it this way since that way you have a single controller, rather than 4, and everything can be controlled together easily. Next to the controller (Fibaro/H801) you will need a 12V transformer capable of running all the strips together (wont need to be very strong is the cabinets are as small as it seems). The reason for 5 core is RGBW and a common anode cable, you could easily install this and connect to the 12V LED strip yourself. You can use 4 core cable if you only want RGB, and 3 core if you only want WW/CW, though I suggest 5 core for flexibility.

The only bit you need to worry about is the cabling, all the other stuff can be done afterwards easily.

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That’s great, thank you for your help. The. cupboards are on opposite sides or the kitchen but I guess he could run the cable throuhg the ceiling as we live in a bungalow. :grin:

Yup that’s what I did, if you are having other wiring done, running a few 5 core cable shouldn’t be too much of an issue. My kitchen even has windows and different heights in it, so it has to go up and down and around lots of things. The wires can loop from point too point or go in a star with everything back to the same point (star is slightly more effective but probably not a problem unless distances are over 10-15m).

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