Fibaro RGBW for under cabinet lighting or another route?

(Engelwood) #1

I’m going to be installing some under cabinet lighting in my laundry room. The goals are as follows:

  1. Operate like a normal under cabinet lighting 90% of the time.
  2. Switch to blue (or another color) when the laundry is finished.

I was hoping to use the RGBW/0-10v Micro Controller paired with the Ikea dioder lights.

Wondering if anybody has successfully paired the Fibaro RGBW controller to SmartThings or if anybody else can think of another way to accomplish this?

I was considering Hue light strips but this cnet review mentions that they have a hard time reproducing normal colored light. Considering these will operate as normal under cabinet lighting 90% of the time, it makes me hesitant to go this route (and I don’t really want another widget hooked up to my router).

(Brad) #2

I’d be very interested in this same type of setup. I guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer for the Fibaro products to release in the US though.

(Beckwith) #3

I’m waiting for the same. I like the form factor.

(tduffy) #4

I don’t know if this helps you, but I have a couple of the Hue strips. And while it’s true they can’t be set to a color temperature of white light like the other Hue bulbs, you can get remarkably close by using the color spectrum. Unless you are looking to match a normal bulb exactly, I think you would be able to get the color of the lights close enough to normal white lights.

(Engelwood) #5

Thanks. Just watched some videos on YouTube and it appears they do a decent job of producing regular colored light.

Are you using these under cabinets or elsewhere? Also, is it fairly easy to hide the wall wart and transformer?

(tduffy) #6

I have one above my kitchen cabinets, and the other on a ledge in the bedroom. So both are pointing upwards. I use them mostly for night-lights, combined with my motion sensors. I change their colors to white when I have all lights on, but I especially like them for nightlights because I can match the intensity and color to what works best for the room.

The wall warts on are on the small side, I want to say about the size of the travel charger for my phone. The one up on the ledge is completely hidden, but the kitchen one comes down behind the cabinets and plugs into the wall outlet. Its no more noticeable than my appliance plugs (although the cord is longer than I need and that took some figuring to hide).