Completed Kitchen Cabinet Lighting project sort of


(Michael Langkilde) #1

I finally did a final installation of the lights in the kitchen. I am using MiLight RGBW for the lights on top until I purchase more Fibaro RGBW controllers. The lights on the bottom are a Fibaro RGBW. Wife let me actually install them permenantly and saw I was having fun so she let me continue installing them without interruption from the boys as she took care of them while I was doing the work.

(Mark B) #2

Welcome to the rabbit hole :smile:

(John S) #3

Yes, I have this illness as well :smile: Very nice job, looks sweet!


Love this. Where did you purchase lights/controllers? Any additional info you can provide?

(Benji) #5

Looks awesome! What strips did you use?

(Michael Langkilde) #6

I used 5050 16.4ft RGBW RGB+ Cool White 5M 300 LED Strip Flexible Light Non-waterproof for above, and waterproof light strip for below, which I bought off of Ebay. Since I have not bought all controllers to connect into ST yet, I used the Fibaro RGBW for the lights on the bottom so they turn on everyday automatically or by my zwave switch for the BR lights and the lights above I used my MiLight system.