Kitchen to lounge video intercom

Trying to think of a way to get communication between our isolated kitchen and our main living space that doesn’t involve a wall, rsj, new kitchen and ££££!

Can anyone suggest an video intercom type thing that means you could see the lounge from the kitchen (don’t really need it video the other way) and talk both ways? Ie you talk in the kitchen and it comes through a speaker in the lounge? I’ve looked at stuff like the nest cam and assuming the Samsung ones are similar but just want to see what you guys thought…

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Inexpensive android tablets and skype?

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Thanks for reply. Really needs to be instantly accessible and ‘talkative’ too. I’d go for the Samsung pro cam but it seems to get very average reviews. Was thinking I could hook up a android tab in kitchen and just leave it on but no idea If you can do that. Also, ideally want it ‘smart things-able’ hence the post here. But that’s not a deal breaker.

I’m using a FOSCAM to monitor my baby’s room and tinycam pro app for viewing/talking. in order to send voice to that room I need to press a button in app so it is not quite hands free.
I think you will be fine with samsung pro cam and a tablet (if you have good wi-fi signal or 3G/LTE connection).
why do you want the tablet to be always on?

Thanks for the reply - want tablet on all the time (when someone is in the kitchen) so we can use it basically as a virtual wall removal. IE like an open hatch into the room - if that makes any sense??

then you should check this: Nucleus Smart Home Intercom :slight_smile:

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Looks absolutely perfect. However. Being in the UK I’m guessing I’ll have to wait another 4 years for it! Took the Plunge for a Samsung one at the mo - definitely makes a difference. Long term I think that platform or one similar would be ideal. Lets hope it comes the the UK! Cheers