Kitchen strip light triggered by motion sensor

I want to install lights under the cupboards in our kitchen but I want the to come on when you enter the room and go off when you have been out the room for five minutes. Any ideas?

You’ll need 4 things:

  1. some lights. LED’s are relatively inexpensive and you can use RGB so you can change the colour.
  2. A controller. Search for the SmartLife H801 by @erocm1231
  3. A motion sensor
  4. Then you use the standard ST supplied SmartLighting app to trigger the lights on motion.

This is one of the most common uses of ST.

Depending on where they are going to be plugged in or attached to power you could use one of these:

Simple solution, guaranteed to work each and every time AND react quickly.

Edit: Note, this will not connect to SmartThings, but does provide a consistent experience and will only switch the lights on based on light level in the room (‘programmable’ on the unit)

Thx, updated post above.

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If you don’t care about price, you only need 2 things Philips Hue led strip and a cheap 30.00 motion sensor off amazon. I’m thinking this would be the simplest way . But hue strip is high priced

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