Kinect for Windows V2/ Windows Hello and Smartthings

So, I have a Kinect v2 for Windows on my desk using Windows Hello for authentication and it works fast and flawlessly. I would love to use Windows Hello to trigger SmartThings. My scenario would be this. If the smart home monitor is in away mode and it recognizes someone at the door to the house from the garage it triggers welcome home (disarm system/play audio via Alexa for example of “welcome home Matt”). Windows Hello I believe is a platform Microsoft designed for people to use in scenario’s like this. Has anyone tried this yet? Even cooler would be Ask Alexa integration where you have to authenticate via biometric scan before it will do things such as lock/unlock doors, etc. I think once someone writes a Kinect v2 for Windows tie in, the options will be endless!

For example, MS already has this idea in mind using Windows 10 IoT edition which is free and runs on things like raspberry pi 2. Have a Windows 10 IoT connected to a Kinect v2 talking to SmartThings and BAM, for around $200 you have a home automation system that knows WHO it is talking to. When you really want to get crazy mix Ask Alexa in there and holy crap batman, you have Jarvis!

Or Cortana instead of Alexa if MS gets that integration into the game… I originally used Cortana voice commands on my Microsoft Band to control the lights in my house via insteon before and that worked great

Now that Kinect is basically officially dead for Xbox (seen as the S doesn’t even have a Kinect port in it) but you can connect it to a computer and run Windows IOT with it, i’m surprised we haven’t seen more hacks for SmartThings?

I’m not too bothered about recognising exactly who is who at some point, but surely we can use the Kinect as a very accurate motion sense to see if someone is in the room or not? Currently basic motion sensors are fine for turning things on, but rubbish for turning things off unless you just want a landing light. If you’re in the room (eg living room) it would be perfect to have Kinect know if there was someone in there and as soon as the last person left, turn the lights (or whatever else) off.

I agree completely, Kinect v2 would be the most killer device for SmartThings, probably ever. Full biometric recognition as well as everything else it brings to the table. Wish I was a dev :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone manage to use kinect as a gesture control. That would be cool to be able to switch lights and stuff with gesture