Has anyone toyed with Facial Recognition using Kinect?

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Soooo… my wife has gotten frustrated with my home automation hobby and has asked me to setup the house to only go into automation mode if I am in the room. I do not want to have a device with me for this to happen. I have seen many cool things about hacking the kinect to respond to gestures, but has anyone used their Kinect to integrate with smartThings?

I asked my wife if her request can be entered into record as an approval for a facial recognition budget. All I got was a glare. I’ll take the lack of response as a yes.


I don’t know much about wives, but I’m thinking you may want to check the operating manual on that one. :wink:


Back to the topic question: “toyed with” is probably the significant phrase.

@pstuart did some early stuff with the Xbox, I don’t think it really went anywhere other than providing IRcontrols of the Xbox itself.

There are some significant obstacles to using a kinect as a sensor for an external system. Some have to do with the base technology, A lot has to do with the fact that Microsoft doesn’t want it used that way and so has hidden a lot of the processing, and some has to do with cost.

There was a fairly recent academic project that put a lot of effort into trying to use the kinect as a proof of concept for facial recognition in home automation. This is one of those projects that failed in some interesting ways.

I think from a practical standpoint, you’re a lot better off carrying an iBeacon and having a local tablet recognize your presence from that. You get a reliable technology, adjustable range, and something that’s easily scalable.

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Yeah. I thought about that. Will the apple watch work with this? I don’t own one yet, but that may be a selling point for me.


Not yet, we’ll have to see what the new watch os brings.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #6

The Kinect is not the platform to use for person recognition and be cheap.

There were a few devices shown at CES this year that have motion sensing capability that can also identify individuals, this was the most promising tech in the space.

I can’t seem to find them quickly, but ultimately the advances in motion sensing have evolved to the point were cameras and Occupancy sensors will eventually merge to give us identity.

iBeacons, NFC, heck a simple double tap on a light switch can be used much more effectively.

I look at it like OCR, even 99% accuracy isn’t good enough for text, picking the wrong person and running programming off that will always need an override. Why not just use the override as the default person picker.

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I’ve spent 30 years searching for that operating manual for 3 different releases of wife and have yet to find one that worked.


Interesting. The app says it’s compatible with the Apple Watch in the App Store.

Edit: sorry, didn’t catch that we’re referring to ibeacons.


Right, we’ve had a watch app for a while that would let you hit a routine widget on the watch, but the new question is whether the watch can pick up an Ibeacon or not.

(Jack Rabbit Slim) #10

Keep an eye on Netatmo Welcome Camera. It has impressive facial recog. They have an API and IFTTT coming out soon. Also keep any eye on Simplicam.

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I can’t believe you got a wife that wasn’t compatible with ST. When I ordered my first Echo there was a glitch in Wife 1.0 but it was quickly resolved. When the second Echo arrive the glitch came back and I had to do a software reboot. The ordering of ST V2 almost caused a complete system crash in Wife 1.0. But with some rebooting and a couple of bling upgrades Wife 1.0 quickly acclimated to the home automation. I have upgraded from Wink to ST V2 and luckily I don’t have to upgrade to Wife 2.0

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Despite the “three strikes and you’re out rule”, I can say that wife V4 is the ticket, but I had to sort through 4 different manufactures to hit V4… :innocent:

(Realy Living Dream) #13

I’ve been running V4 for 15 years and while it definitely has its share of bugs, it is still far more stable than V1-3.

(Mike Maxwell) #14

V1: manufacturer denied warranty claim
V2: Unable to operate UI
V3: Preferred operating system no longer supported

(Joe) #15

I’ve never gotten double tap to work on 3 way light switches. It seems like the main switch is iffy and the slave works 90% of the time.

I’m probably better off installing the App on my wife phone and giving her a widget to put the house in manual mode. Getting her to carry an iBeacon with her is not going to fly.

(Realy Living Dream) #16

Just have her implanted with a RF chip to track her. Probably have to do it in her sleep so she won’t get suspicious .

(Ron S) #17

I have always resorted to updating apps on missus’s iPhone and iPad when she goes to sleep. She figured it out… And now password protected. :wink: remember the ad about the password being the wedding anniversary? :slight_smile:

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No one seems to have asked yet but what is causing her frustration? Perhaps we can help with that?

I guess some GF/wives are more forgiving, my GF walked into the kitchen last night, Wink took approximately 31 seconds to turn on the light… She just laughs :smiley:

(Joe) #19

This problem was related to the new software release, the lighting wizard, and user error. I thought the wizard said, when contact is open turn light off if open for 10 minutes. It was actually saying after contact opens wait 10 minutes and then turn light off.

In this case the light is a smart outlet that is connected to a baby monitor, so any time you opened the door the monitor would turn off 10 minutes later. What I was trying to do is turn the monitor off if the door was open for more than 10 minutes. This way we aren’t running it unless the baby is sleeping. A mother gets very angry when she can’t monitor her child apparently. I tried to rationalize that a monitor is just a convenience and that parents survived monitoring their children with their ears for a long time. That didn’t go over well either. lol

I really need the wife manual.

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It’s my understanding that the wife manual was destroyed in Pompeii.