CastleOS: Control your home with your voice

Hey just a heads up guys - there is some software a guy developed called CastleOS that is working on adding smartthings support this month! What I like about it is that you can hook up an xbox kinect and use voice commands to control your smartthings as well as integrate other smarthome standards such as insteon as well.

Very interesting @compromizer. Where do you see that he’s adding ST support? Would be awesome to be able to actually use my Kinect for something, rather than collecting dust. :slight_smile:

I contacted him directly via twitter @CastleOS. It is scheduled for release this month. You will be able to use Insteon, ZWave, WeMo and Smartthings at the same time.

ST still isn’t officially supported after all this time. However they are very open with their API, so it is possible if someone wrote some script for an integration.

Android: You can do SmartThings voice commands on Android with SharpTools:

iOS: There was also a thread about doing this with Siri, but the voice commands didn’t seem very natural to me.

Amazon Echo: Toward the bottom of the Amazon Echo thread, there was also some discussion about a user who is reverse engineering the system and has voice commands working.

Hi Has anyone had any luck in integrating ST with CastleOS