Kindle Fire

Quick question for anyone using a Kindle Fire as a display for ActionTiles. Is it necessary to pay the extra to have Amazon remove the “Special Offers” ads?

Not really, but you will need to use Fully Kiosk Browser to control the screen saver and display sleep functions. Otherwise you will see the ads or wallpaper.


Thanks. I have a fire wall mounted I bought a few years ago to control my aquarium, but I paid to have the ads removed. I wasn’t sure when they were shown, but I suspect it’s just on the lock screen. I didn’t know if it was a random popup.

Just to follow up, I purchased a Fire HD 8 and a Fire HD 10. The HD 8 had the option to pay more and have the Special Offers removed, but the HD 10 did not.

I did a chat with Amazon and asked them if they could remove the ads and not charge me. He said that as a “one time courtesy” he would remove the ads. 5 seconds later they were gone.

So it looks like if you ask nicely, they will do it for free.


@Spyderturbo007, also consider using the ActionTiles Kiosk app that’s available at the Amazon store

With the Kiosk app, the ads don’t get in your way.

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