Kindle Fire Tablet Fully Browser/Device Automation

Using a Kindle Fire plugged into mains, I have the Fully Browser displaying ActionTiles as the main URL, with the Ring Doorbell App, and LanNouncer running in the background…

Currently, a Doorbell motion alert creates a visual android style notification on the Kindle Fire device along with triggering some SmartLighting profiles, but I have to manually swap to the Ring app on the Kindle Fire. What I want is to immediately switch the Kindle to display the Ring app without manual intervention.

Best solution would be contained within the Kindle Fire and it’s Andoid style OS.

Suggestions appreciated.

What does the Ring App do that you can’t embed within AT? Would it be possible to mimic its features as a special tile?

Have Ring App working from an AT ShortCut Tile, see this post. However, it requires the tile be tapped. I want it to be hands free–automatic swap to Ring when the Ring Doorbell issues a notification.

I don’t understand, what is a special tile?

It seems that Tasker might be a helpful part of this solution (along with Sharp Tools…); but I’m guessing Tasker requires root?

@arnb: Let us know if you get Ring to be launchable reliably from within ActionTiles. After that, there is a chance we could launch it upon certain SmartThing state changes.

Looked at Tasker earlier today and it appears it can launch/swapto the Ring App when it issues a notification. Perhaps someone else knows if Tasker requires root for that function. I can’t find a free trial for Tasker.

I have a tile that manually launches Ring, and Alexey from Fully had me try a browser beta version that allows Apps to be added to the Auto Launch page on a Kindle Fire (This already works in real Android). From there it may be a matter of sending a Fully automation command from a Smartapp, however that has too many points of failure for my liking. Similar to finding out SmartThings runs most everything in the cloud, but I living with it.

Edit: Hmm… I see perhaps within AT a Javascript “Tap” or “Submit” could be issued when motion is detected

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Can you use tasker + auto input? It might not work due to timing of the screen but just an idea.

Tasker is worth the price FWIW

This was solved using the free Automateit Android app at this link. Works perfectly for devices that never sleep or lock such as Kindle Fires running ActionTiles with the Fully Kiosk Browser.

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