Keypad or Button to Deactivate ST Home Monitor Security

I have ST Home Monitor set-up with door & motion sensors and a siren and it’s working well, but need a way to deactivate it without the app. Occasionally my wife and I go away (vacation, etc) and have someone stop by to feed our cats. I need a way for them to enter the house with a key which will trigger the alarm. I have the system announce a warning with a 60 second delay on the siren. I need a keypad or hidden button that they can use to temporarily turn off the system.


I use @RBoy’s dth and smartapp for exactly that purpose. They work great!

I’m using the 2nd gen Iris keypad.

When a visitor uses our keypad, LUM locks/unlocks the keypad (it’s seen as a lock too) and then I use that lock in an automation:

When the guest leaves and uses the keypad, it locks it and arms STHM.

If you don’t want to use a keypad with the dth and smartapp, you could also give that person a presence fob attached to a key chain. We do that too:

When the presence sensor leaves, and all other presence sensors are gone (like my wife and I) STHM arms.


I use a Fire Tablet mounted on the wall that gets its power from a light switch below it. There’s a recessed box with an outlet that’s has USB behind the tablet.

The tablet runs ActionTiles through Fully Kiosk Browser. It’s freaking awesome and the FireTablets are dirt cheap but most tablets will work.

Not only do you get Arm/Disarm with a code but so much more. All kinds of cool stuff you can do!


Hey is it possible for a tutorial on how to create this tablet control you have? I’m confused on what I need to Do etc. I have an Xperia tablet I was gonna use as it’s a good size