Wireless Security Keypad

Hello everyone, I am new to smartthings and have seen a few topics in regards to a security pad that would disengage motion detectors, strobe/sirens, etc but have not found anything definitive. My end goal would be to have a keypad mounted near a door that i could punch in a code (without getting my phone out) that would send a message to my hub and turn off all of my security monitoring devices. It would be great if i could program in a lag to say give me 15 seconds to enter the code or the alarm will go off. Anyone have a solution to this or know a topic that has already answered this questions? Thanks for the help.


How about this RFID Keypad? You would need a custom device type handler for it.

While we are waiting for robust compatible keypads, in the meantime I have written a SmartApp that can perform this function using a Aeon Minimote 4 Button or ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button.

I am definitely welcome to new feature requests such as that 15 second delay you mentioned – there are various ways that can be handled.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions or would like help installing / testing this:

…CP / Terry.